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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Homemade Skin is Soft ~ After shower body spritzer

Do you suffer from dry skin? I know I do, I often joke that I have "Alligator Skin" It is not really THAT bad, but my skin definitely soaks up as much moisture as I am willing to put on it. I have a recipe to share with you that I have been using for years. I converted my recipe from my tried and true "old" main ingredient for a healthier all natural oil. I have found that with my new and improved body spray that I do not need to use near as much and my skin stays soft and moisturized all day, even in the dead of winter! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! It is super easy to make, only takes a few minutes and you most likely already have the items on hand!
My after Shower skin softener is made to be put on Before you dry off - it then mixes with the water and gives you incredibly soft skin that keeps conditioning through out the day!

Skin is Soft 

What you will need is
1 spray bottle (a fine mister is preferable but any work)
2 oz Aloe Vera - 100% pure
2 oz Water
4 oz Olive Oil (Grapeseed or Almond also work very well) - I used extra virgin Olive oil because that is what I buy by the gallons :)

Essential oils of your preference  - I like the rose or lavender 2-5 drops depending on the strength of the scent you want. Peppermint is a good choice on hot days as well. Clove and Orange oil will give it a fall smell to it. Experiment with your favorite essential oils. The only limit is your imagination :)

Place the water and aloe in the bottle, shake well to mix up. Add the olive oil and essential oil. Shake again to mix. After showering spritz your body with this mixture, rub in & dry off as normally. Ahhh time to relax. That is it!  A small safety tip - I make sure to stand on a towel as the oil WILL make a tile floor / shower / tub extremely slippery and WE do not want to get hurt while we are getting beautiful!

The old ingredient I used was baby oil for years so you can use that instead of the olive, grapeseed or almond oil if you prefer. I just have no use for it anymore, I certainly cannot cook with it, so it just makes sense for me to use something that is multi purpose, I readily have on hand and it is good for me whether on my skin or in my food.

I hope you enjoy this and please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions!

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