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Friday, September 20, 2013

Homemade Bath & Body Deodorizing Powder

Making your own Bath and Body powder is not only easy and costs you way less money - when you realize what is actually in your store bought versions it has now become necessary! 

You only need 3 ingredients…less than 5 minutes…and you have your own customized powder for personal use or gift-giving! You can use any essential oil of your choice or leave it unscented. This recipe will give you 16 oz. of finished product for about $ 1.50! Now compare that cost & ingredients in your store bought, which usually has talcum powder in it. READ HERE why you should not EVER use this on you or your babies!! It makes you wonder WHY anyone would ever put this stuff in a product and then call it "Body Powder"!! Talc however is not the only "nasty" chemical that is put into body care products (powders, lotions and shampoo's), there are also ones called phthalates and these are not usually listed on the labels! READ HERE about the many issues including reproductive harm.... May explain why children are reaching puberty at younger ages these days, not to mention the increase in allergies and asthma!

Before we get started I want to share one more link with you so you can check on all of "your" favorite brands of personal hygiene items. I think you will be shocked to see how even ones that sound safe or are marketed as "all natural" have some serious concerns! It is a cosmetics database and I would definitely bookmark it for future use. COSMETIC DATABASE 
Please note that this powder should NOT be used on infants, the baking soda is drying and an infants skin is very delicate. If you feel the need to make some for your babies PLEASE omit the baking powder completely. I have a recipe HERE for Baby Powder 
Now that you have the information to make an informed decision, Lets get started making your Own

Homemade Bath & Body Powder

Here is all you need: (and I bet you have it all “on-hand” right now!)
  • 1 cups cornstarch (*Arrowroot powder for infants)
  • 1 cups baking soda
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 Tsp. Cocoa Baking Powder (Optional for tinting) I did not add to this batch
  • 20 to 30 drops essential oil of choice (Optional - I Used 28 drops Rose)
  • Re-purposed Container for Storage (Shaker Container, Mason jar or plastic container with a powder dusting pad)
The baking soda and cinnamon are natural deodorizers while the cornstarch is very absorbent. 
This is a very silky feeling powder and it has a slight tint from the cinnamon. You can add the cocoa for additional tinting if you prefer but it is not necessary.

Get a large bowl or measuring cup (what I used) measure your ingredients into the bowl.

Mix the ingredients well with a dough blade or cutter to mix in well

Now pour into your container of choice and you are done. 


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