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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Homemade Dishwasher Powder

I have been using my "gel" dishwasher liquid for well over a year and love it. I started experimenting again with the dry version several months ago to accommodate my desire to not heat up my house during the summer and to also share with my family and friends that want a "quicker" recipe. The one problem that I had with the homemade versions was the film that was always left on "plastics". That can be cured with using a good Homemade rinse aid (Recipe here). This recipe is quick to assemble and cleans the dishes very well. The best part is it is very reasonable on cost at 2.36 for 28 oz - about a 50% savings on store bought.

I really like the cleaning power of this powder. My dishes come out clean and have no film on them, which is really saying something since I have really hard well water and it is sometimes a challenge to get the mixture right. I use a small scoop (2 TBSP) in my open cup and another 1/2 scoop in my closed container. The kitchen always smells so good when I am running my dishwasher!

Let's get this started so you can start saving money and keeping your home cooler!

Homemade Dishwasher Powder
4 Parts Washing Soda 2 cups
1 part Citric Acid 5# spicy world - 1/2 Cup
Dawn Dish soap 44 oz Prime Pantry - 1 Tbsp 
Tea Tree Oil 15 ML or Lemon Essential Oil - 10 -15 Drops - Optional
1 Re-purposed container with lid - I use a plastic margarine or similar container.
you will have 28 oz finished product

Measure out your dry products and put in your container.

Mix up to incorporate them. Next add in the dawn and the essential oil. Cut into the dry powder mixing well. Put your lid on and you are ready to wash dishes. NOW I must warn you!! This will get hard clumps and stick together (which drives me insane cause I HAVE to have my dawn and tea tree in there!) Here is how I overcame this.

After sitting several hours or even the next day - open your container and dump the mix into a zip lock bag. This is where having it in a plastic container is so helpful - you can coax it out of there! Close completely removing the air. Take your meat tenderizer on the flat edge and gently tap to get it all loose and powdery again. Dump back into your container ~ NOW you will be good to go! Just as a side note.... when it comes to making my own "fill in the blank" I will NOT be conquered ((wink)). Hope you all enjoy this and now you can have one more recipe to help you in your Sustainable and frugal addiction!

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