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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Homemade Rice Crispy Treats

Rice Krispie Treats
Homemade Rice Crispy Treats
Rice Crispy Treats are one of my childhood favorite recipes - right up there with the popcorn balls and rock candy!  These are SO EASY to make and they turn out moist and gooeey. Is that even a word? There are many ways to mix up this classic recipe. Use regular or chocolate "Rice Crispies" for you chocohalics, add a heaping spoon of Peanut Butter and then top with Reeces Pieces or top with rainbow sprinkles.

Old Fashioned Rice Crispy Treats

6  Cups of Rice Krispies (Store Brands work just as well at 1/2 the Cost)**

10 oz. Bag of Marshmallows

1/2 Stick Butter - or 4 Tbsp Margarine

1 Tsp Milk

1 Tsp 100% Pure Vanilla Extract

13 x 9 Glass baking dish

You HAVE to melt the butter sloooowly and make sure it doesn't turn brown at all. Mix in the marshmallows and melt them just as slowly. If the butter gets brown, the treats will be dry. Once the marshmallows have completely melted add in the milk and vanilla and stir well. Turn the heat off and add in your rice krispies and fold in easily until all are coated. Cover your dish with a generous portion of butter. Spoon your treats into the dish and then using either the a buttered spatula or a piece of wax paper push down and spread out. Cut into 2 x 2 squares when cooled. Place into a covered container or wrap into colored plastic wrap for treats on the go :)

TIP: Place your pan into hot soapy water while still warm. It will aid in removing the goo quickly :)

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