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Saturday, October 19, 2013

DIY Windshield Washer Fluid

Until recently I had never considered making my Windshield Washer fluid, probably because I don't use that much of it. With the cooler weather approaching though, this is the time of year that I restock on my "car fluids". Since I am always looking for healthier / greener and frugal alternatives to add to my every day life, I thought why not - it is the only thing on my list that I could make! So off I went searching and what did I find? Did you know that commercial windshield washer fluid contains a nasty chemical called methanol? Some brands even add in small amounts of other toxic alcohols such as ethylene glycol into the mixture. The National Institute of Health lists this as a poisonous alcohol that can cause significant damage even in small amounts. I never knew this! I certainly do not want to have this in my home anymore around my Grandchildren or animals! Below you will find a all natural "green" alternative that rocks it off the charts at only .50 (fifty cents) per gallon!

My top requirements on my DIY Recipes and projects are 
  1. I want them to be easy to put together
  2. I want them to NOT be full of harsh chemicals
  3. I want to save some serious C A $ H
  4. I want to make them in BULK so I do not have to spend all my time being a "Chief Home Operator" after all I enjoy spending time outside doing my other hobby of "Chief Gardener & Grower"
This recipe meets all those requirements, so gather your stuff listed below and lets spend less than 5 minutes and get this done ~ We both save money and then I am going outside to save even more money and harvest some food ;0)

I would LOVE to thank +Jill Nystul for this simple recipe. She shared a variation to this last Spring and from the look of her Pics (which I forgot to take!!) she goes through way more of this than I will EVER think about using LOL.


  • 1 empty gallon jug - I re-purposed my vinegar jug :)
  • 1 gallon water minus 2 cups
  • 1 tablespoon dish soap (I used Dawn use whatever you have on hand.)
  • 1/2 cup Vinegar 
  • 1 Cup Isopropyl Alcohol (1.50 Qt from Dollar Store)
  • A few drops of blue food coloring (this is optional but I think it’s a good idea because it serves as a reminder/warning of the contents)
  • A Label or Permanent marker ~ You want to label it with contents / warning ~ keep out of the reach of children and pets!
Fill an empty gallon container with water about 3/4 of the way full. (This is a good way to re-purpose 1 gallon plastic vinegar jugs, I have a LOT of these. Milk jugs will also work but are a little more challenging pouring from because of the wider "mouth")
Add dish soap, vinegar, alcohol and food coloring (optional). Recap the bottle and rock it upside down a few times to mix ingredients. Pour into the windshield wiper fluid reservoir of your car. Thats it!
This mixture should work in most climates…According to the guys and gals over at windowcleaningresources.com, 1 cup of alcohol with a gallon of water will keep it from freezing down to about zero, but when the weather dips below that it may become slushy. With Winter coming on quickly here in the US (some places have had snow already!!) and you’re concerned about whether your homemade mixture will freeze, put it outside overnight and check it in the morning. If it’s slushy, add additional alcohol.

My cost breakdown:

Water - Free

Vinegar .05

Alcohol .38

Dish Soap .06

Food Coloring Less than a penny

Total for 1 Gallon of Windshield Washing Fluid   .50