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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Homemade Laundry Soap - {No grate} Fast & Fabulous!

Is is possible to make laundry soap for .92 cents per gallon and have it wash 64 loads of clothes? YES YOU CAN!! .I want to share with you probably one of my all time favorite Laundry soap recipes, and believe me I have tried quite  a few. Most were good and worked as good as the store bought stuff that costs so much money. I have used the grated soap recipes & love the results, but in the heat of the summer I am NOT heating up my house to make laundry detergent! I needed something that was amazing as I was determined to NOT go back to buying from the store. It needed to be quick to mix up in large quantities and it needed to be cost effective. I have been using this over a year now, and I am just as pleased as the day I started and then rewrote the recipe ;0)
THEN I found one listed on onegoodthingbyjillee.com and it totally rocked my world. It was so simple, took just a few minutes to mix up and the results were fabulous! I did not have to grate any soap, it removes grease and when I did the cost analysis on my batch it was only .22  cents per GALLON!! Seriously, it removed stains in my sons work pants that had been in there for multiple washings and it was only .22 cents per gallon!! I quickly became consumed with making this mixture and telling everyone about it. Even as good as it was, and as quick as it was to mix up a batch - I quickly realized I was having to make it way too often. That became a problem for me. I love to spend my time making a multitude of things and I like to do it in "bulk" so it will last me a while, that is what allows me time to make so many items. I HAVE to be frugal with my time as well!! 
The original recipe called for 1 cup per load, so even when I was making 3 gallons that was only lasting for 48 loads. Another problem I found with it was that it was so thin (water thin) that my son & husband had a tendency to use way more than needed {do MEN ever follow instructions? LOL}
So I decided to do the only thing a good homemaker can do, I experimented with the mix and made it "Ultra" strong so I could use less of it with the same results. This also thickened up the mix as well... I was finally satisfied with the end result and Now I just had to convince them that they only needed to use 1/4 - 1/3 cup for extra large loads / extra dirty clothes!  The end result was a great Laundry soap that still only cost me .92 per gallon to make and it was enough to do 64 loads of laundry per gallon! Can your store bought stuff do that for that price, I THINK NOT ;0)  My passion for this homemade recipe was in overdrive again and  I even went so far as to make trial sizes and give it away to my neighbors... some really appreciated it.... others their husbands appreciated it more and got the shopping list from me so they could "convince" there wives to start making it ~ as a piece offering I did offer to make it for them if they bought the supplies.
Lets get started, just imagine the money you will save every month to use on other things you want or need!

For 2 Gallons of Laundry soap you will need: {you can dbl / triple batch for bulk recipes}
Homemade Laundry Soap - No grate & only .92 cents per gallon!
2 repurposed Gallon Jugs [milk, juice or old laundry detergent] I use Milk jugs
1 large Funnel
1 Cup of Borax 20 mule team - Walmart carries in the laundry Aisle
1 Cup Arm & Hammer WASHING Soda - Walmart carries in the Laundry Aisle
1 Cup of Dawn Dish Liquid - any scent - I buy from Dollar general huge bottle 5.00 :) - 1/2 gallon
1/4 Cup of uniodized Salt - to soften water - I have well water, if you have city water you do not need to add.
10 drops of Essential oil per gallon ~ scent of your choice or not :) I rotate a lot of different scents in my batches - some of my favorites are Lavender and Tea tree, Clove and Orange or Lavender and Lemon.
HOT water - I start with 4 cups of water hot from the tap and then heat it up in the microwave for a couple of minutes, I want it HOT HOT!  add in the washing soda, salt and borax and stir well for until it is all dissolved.

Split your soap mixture evenly into the 2 jugs.

Drop in your essential oils if you are using them & then fill up each jug with tap water leaving about 3 inches of head space so you will still have room to mix in 1/2 cup of the dawn into each jug and gently shake to mix.

I do this last so it does not suds up so bad when filling it with water.That is it, just a few minutes from start to finish and now you have enough laundry soap to do 128 loads of clothes for less than $ 2.00 ~

That ladies and gentlemen is a change that our bank accounts can live with!!

I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your questions and comment, recipes, successes or disasters with me!