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Welcome to my Sustainable addiction! I am a DIY addict, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  I enjoy sharing my all natural recipes, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene items, gardening and all things sustainable including my farming.  
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Homemade Shampoo Oat & Lemon

In case you have not noticed, I LOVE making things! Some of my favorite items, outside of food ;) is Cleaning & Personal Hygiene items. I have just recently (July 2012) started my own shampoo's. I have experimented with different recipes I have found and they worked really good, the one draw back is they are just too watery! I like to have a little "consistency". Well I have hit the jackpot this weekend! I could not wait to share this with you. It is extremely easy to make, very frugal & most of the items you will already have in your house. The great thing is you can use your imagination with fragrances - essential oils of your choice. If you have dark hair you can boil some Rosemary or Cinnamon sticks as your water base to bring out your dark lights. Lighter hair you can use lemon to bring out your highlights. Let's get started!

This is so easy and does not have all of the "bad" chemicals in it like many of the store bought shampoos! For my base I have been using the dollar general brand of baby shampoo which has no parabens or quatermium-15 in it. There are some other versions that are equally as good at cleaning and call for organic baby shampoos. In my quest of trying to find an economical baby shampoo I was shocked when I read the label of the Aveeno Baby Shampoo label and yet pleasantly surprised at the dollar general brand. You can use any organic base that you want. I am going for less chemicals. Maybe some day I will be brave enough to go totally organic with no poo filler :)

Homemade Shampoo Oat & Lemon

What you will need:

1 1/3 cup Baby Shampoo - (I buy the dollar general brand - it is 1.50 for 15 oz. It has no parabens or Quatermium - 15) 
1/2 Cup Coconut Milk (I will tell you later how to make this - it is super easy!)
1/2 Cup Lemon Juice - 100 % natural / pure
1 TBS Olive oil (you can also use coconut oil or jojoba)
1 TBS Oatmeal - finely ground to powder ( I used my food processor for about 30 seconds)
1 TBS Corn Starch
1 TBS Baking Soda (this will react with the lemon juice and foam up - kinda like the vinegar does so allow extra room in your mixing bowl)
5-7 Drops of essential oils - you decide what you want :) I used Sandalwood this time. The first couple of batches I made I used Vanilla, Then I made a batch with lavendar - all are awesome!
A medium size mixing bowl ~ a funnel, measuring spoons and a measuring cup. 
2 Shampoo or repurposed bottles for storage.

First thing you will need to do is take about a quarter of cup of shredded coconut and put it in about 3/4 cup of water, bring to a boil and let it boil for a few minutes until the water starts cooking down. The coconut will start looking transparent and you will notice the water now has a milky appearance to it. Turn the heat off and sit it to the side to cool off. Now powder your 1 TBS of oatmeal in food processor - It literally took me about 30 seconds and I had a flour consistency.

Next measure out your mixing bowl the Baby shampoo, Lemon juice, olive oil and the essential oil of your choice and the oatmeal powder, stir to mix real good.

Next take your coconut "milk" and pour it through a strainer into your measuring cup, pushing through and draining all the water out of your coconut. (you can Discard the coconut OR put it in your blender to puree and add it into your homemade body wash).  Now measure out your cornstarch and baking soda and stir it into the still warm liquid in the measuring cup. This is what is going to add the consistency to the shampoo along with the ground oatmeal.  Now comes the "take it easy" part.

Pour this mixture slowly into your mixing bowl, it will foam up and turn rather creamy looking. Slowly fold this into the shampoo mixture, continue to mix well. Let it sit in the bowl for a few minutes then pour it into your re-purposed containers using your funnel. I left my lids in the open position for about an hour or so it could finish letting off the bubble / foam. I filled one 15 oz bottle and about a 1/4 of another 15 oz bottle. Not a bad investment. I have not worked out the complete cost to make but I am certain it is way under a dollar for  close to 20 oz of GREAT Shampoo! The best part is with my 1.50 investment in the baby shampoo I still have enough to make another batch. (On a funny note every time I go to the dollar store I know the people must think I have a house full of babies because I always buy 4-5 bottles of the shampoo!)

Refocus:  It is a wonderful creamy consistency, not watery like other recipes I have found or tried. This is really going to work for me because I share ALL of my homemade items with my Son and his 2 girls and if it is watery it will not work with little hands :) The real test was the shower, Wow it smelled wonderful, cleaned my hair thoroughly and now that it is dry ----- It is soft, shiny and just feels so good!! Finally a perfect Shampoo, for less than a dollar and it is not watered down or loaded with bad chemicals!! Yes - this is a change we can all use & live with :) 

** This recipe is good for all hair types, it works really well on lighter shades of hair and will bring out the highlights (lemon).  If you have extremely oily hair I would lower the olive oil to 1 tsp or omit completely. You could always add it later. If your hair is extremely dry you could add a little more.

For darker hair you can replace the lemon juice with a tea of Rosemary or Cinnamon or both combined and could forego needing to add the essential oils for the smell factor :)  To make this "tea" just take about 3/4 cup water and boil the rosemary or cinnamon sticks 1-2 broke in 3-4 pieces and boil for a few minutes and let steep or take one twig of rosemary and do the same. Experiment and let me know how it worked for you, or if you have any suggestions or variations PLEASE let me know, I love experimenting and learning!