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Welcome to my Sustainable addiction! I am a DIY addict, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  I enjoy sharing my all natural recipes, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene items, gardening and all things sustainable including my farming.  
We are a family owned, woman run small farm located near the Edisto River in Dorchester County SC.
Our farming operation consists of poultry, quail, eggs, dairy and meat goats. You can buy from us with confidence as we hold a permit from SC to sell Poultry and are also licensed as a Wholesale Egg Distributor.
Through our farming practices we provide for our community a variety of Poultry breeds, Heavy dual purpose birds, exotic and ornamental chickens as well as Cortunix Quail that are heat tolerant for our hot SC Summers. 

Whether you are looking for Farm Fresh Eggs, Fertile eggs for hatching (Chicken and Quail), hatchlings, grown birds or Dairy and Meat Goats (seasonal births) we have a large selection of beautiful animals.  
We also have Dairy Goats and kids. Current 2017 births so far are 5 kids Nubian / Alpine Saneen cross and 2 Nubian / Toggenburg Cross.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Eradicating the vaporizer germs - naturally!

It is that time of year to start pulling out the winter clothes and the vaporizers. I must admit one of my "flaws" is that I am absolutely a "germ" freak. I used to use Bleach by the gallons to make sure no germ was left behind in my cleaning frenzies. What I have come to realize is why spend all of that money when I can use natural cleansers and essential oils that not only work as well as the bleach, but they are "natural" and I will not suffer from all of the ill effects of using harsh chemicals!

Every year I go through this ritual of pulling out my vaporizer because it is only a matter of time until someone, usually me gets a sinus or ear infection. I am not complaining though, when everyone else has the flu, I have a sinus infection. I guess that is how it affects my body and I can REALLY deal with that just fine!
I do a two step process that is simple and not very time consuming. It cleans the mineral deposits out of my vaporizer, which increases the life expectancy of my vaporizer and makes it operate more efficiently as well as sterilizing it and clean the air. The added benefit is it is not harsh chemicals, and most likely you have these two items already.

Eradicating the Vaporizer Germs

Step one - get your vaporizer and pour in 4-6 cups of white vinegar* plug it in and let it run about 15 minutes - the longer it steams with the vinegar in it the more steam you will notice coming out of it. You will also notice particles floating in the bottom of it. This is all of the minerals that have been accumulating on the heating elements. If you do not like the smell of vinegar cooking put it in your laundry room or other area during this process :)
Next unplug the vaporizer and once it has cooled off for a few minutes dump out the remaining vinegar and put another 4 cups of water in there and let it run for just a few minutes to "rinse" out the vinegar and the rest of the particles. Dump out the water this time and now put the vaporizer head under your faucet upside down and let the water run through it for a few seconds, tip it back over drain the water. Do this several times you will probably notice even more particles coming out of it, especially if you live in a hard water area.
Step two - Now rinse out the water container and put in 4 cups of water and 2 cups of peroxide. Let the vaporizer run for another 10 -15 minutes minimum to clean out all those little germs in there. You can continue to run it as long as you want, the worst thing it will do is kill some germs in the air as it throws the steam in the room. That is it, a clean vaporizer ready to help you fight off the next cold and flu season! Use some of my homemade Non Vicks Vapor Rub in the dispenser on your machine and you will have a clean, green and economical alternative to OTC medicines :)

* I use vinegar that I have recently ran through my coffee maker with a clean coffee filter - a two for 1 bonus. Since I clean my coffee maker every month I try to do them both on the same day so I have no waste :) That is a change we can all live with!