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Welcome to my Sustainable addiction! I am a DIY addict, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  I enjoy sharing my all natural recipes, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene items, gardening and all things sustainable including my farming.  
We are a family owned, woman run small farm located near the Edisto River in Dorchester County SC.
Our farming operation consists of poultry, quail, eggs, dairy and meat goats. You can buy from us with confidence as we hold a permit from SC to sell Poultry and are also licensed as a Wholesale Egg Distributor.
Through our farming practices we provide for our community a variety of Poultry breeds, Heavy dual purpose birds, exotic and ornamental chickens as well as Cortunix Quail that are heat tolerant for our hot SC Summers. 

Whether you are looking for Farm Fresh Eggs, Fertile eggs for hatching (Chicken and Quail), hatchlings, grown birds or Dairy and Meat Goats (seasonal births) we have a large selection of beautiful animals.  
We also have Dairy Goats and kids. Current 2017 births so far are 5 kids Nubian / Alpine Saneen cross and 2 Nubian / Toggenburg Cross.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homemade Simple "Karo" syrup

I absolutely love the change of the seasons, when temperature's finally fall into the "livable" range. Anyone who lives in the South / Southeast knows what a blessing it is to see Sept / October flip over on the calendar. Our idea of "livable" is when it finally is only 80 during the day instead of 110+. It is the time of year I look forward to so I can start my baking again! It is the time of year I take note of what I have on hand in my pantry. Some things like Karo syrup & molasses  have a long shelf life, but once I run out I usually just make do without them until the next baking season. I took a proactive step this week and decided that I just needed to learn how to make the syrup from scratch. How hard could it be? Actually making this simple syrup was quite easy, 3 Ingredients and about 5 minutes - Another bonus find :)

Here is what you will need

4 Cups Sugar (2 parts)
2 Cups Water (1 part)
2 Tsp Vanilla flavoring (real) or 1-2 Tbs. Molasses
Candy Thermometer
A re-purposed glass container or Jar (I used a clean and sterilized wine bottle with cork, and it looks so pretty shining through the clear glass!)

First decide which syrup you want, the light or the dark? If you utilize the light syrup use vanilla, the dark use the molasses.

For my batch I chose to make the light syrup. The batch made enough to fill a small wine bottle.

Place the sugar, water and vanilla in a sauce pan put on about medium heat and stir constantly until the sugar is dissolved. Watch it closely, once it starts to boil DO NOT STIR anymore! This is important as continuing to stir will crystallize it again. You are going to allow it to boil until it reaches the "soft ball" candy stage which will be about 235. You will know that it is reaching this stage because it will appear to be getting thicker. When you dip your spoon into the syrup and let it run off it will start to thread off of the spoon. Another test you can do is to have a bowl of Ice water drop a spoon full into the water, if it forms a ball it is at the soft ball candy stage. Turn off your burner and remove it from the heat. Allow to cool and then use a funnel to pour it into your bottle / jar. Now I am ready to make some pecan pie!  Use it for any of your favorite recipes that you would normally use your "Karo" syrup. Since most of us always have sugar on hand you will never have to run out to the store to pick up Karo syrup again, and that my friends is a change we can all live with.  Enjoy!