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Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Bye Vaseline - Hello Pure Cure for Dry Skin!

On how I love to experiment and make homemade items! There are many factors outside of the money saving opportunities. Many of the items that I make are simple recipes, the items that I use most people already have in their home and they are just plain good for you. They don't have all of the added chemicals and preservatives that are pumped into the manufactured brands to extend their shelf life. I also believe that if it is truly organic - no added chemicals in the growing process, and not genetically modified it has to be better than what we spend hard earned money on!
I have to admit I have been a Vaseline intensive care junkie since my youth! I was raised in Indiana and my skin has always been naturally dry, add the harsh winters and my love of the outdoors it was always an uphill battle keeping my hands from cracking and my lips from being chapped. There is a lot of opinions and health concerns with using petroleum by products. These chemicals are found in almost everything that you can imagine that are produced for skin care. Sure you can buy "organic" brands but what does that really mean anyway. If you read the labels you will find that even some of these brands have what some would still consider a no no. I have read quite a few articles and the evidence and concern with these ingredients / chemicals listed on the label show they are carcinagins. I am not a Dr. nor a chemist, so the only thing I know for sure is that we do have a lot of health concerns and if something is not safe for us to eat, it probably is not a good idea to put it on our skin where it will eventually end up inside of us. My Friday night madness consisted of making a substitute for my trusted old friend Vaseline, and I must say it turned out fabulous! It can be used all over your body and your lips... as a matter of fact I am going to use the same base ingredients for a lip gloss for my granddaughters.... just adding flavoring of spearmint which they love :)
but for now -

Hello Pure Cure for Dry skin
1/2 Cup olive oil (minus 2 Tbs)
1/8 cup Bees Wax pellets
2 Tbs. Aloe (100% pure)

I poured the olive oil in a small pot over low heat ( i set my stove on 2) I poured the the bees wax pellets in and let them sit there and slowly melt. This only took a few minutes. Remove from the heat and pour it into your jar. I put mine (via a funnel) in a re-purposed lotion bottle. I then added the aloe and shook it up for about 30 seconds while it was still warm to mix in the aloe. It took about a 1/2 hour to completely cool and thicken up. This lotion resembles a course body butter and is oh so wonderful! My hands feel so rejuvenated and my nails even benefited from a quick drink. The great thing about olive oil is it is considered to  be hypoallergenic (where some people may have a problem with the bees wax - see substitutions below), and it has been used since the Bible days. How many of our manufacturers can say that about their ingredient list?
Additional ingredients / substitutions if desired:
You can substitute Coconut Oil for the olive oil - both are great for your health and have many extra benefits for your immune system.
You can add essential oils for scents - possibilities are endless - use citrus scents for focus and energy, Lavendar for calming / relaxation, Peppermint to help with tired / achy muscles. Did you know the mint and lavender can be mixed together to use as a headache reliever?
This can be used as a base for lip gloss - I would decrease the olive oil by about another 2 Tbs. to make it a thicker consistency.

Where I purchased my ingredients; Extra Virgin Olive oil - Costco by the 2 gallon packs, Bees Wax Pellets - Dr. Adorable / Amazon, 100% pure Aloe - Walmart online - many times this will be seasonal so I buy 3-4 big bottles at a time and use it in other homemade items as well. This is not a paid advertisement... Just a complete listing for those who may need to know where to purchase the items economically so we can all enjoy "a change we can all live with"