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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chest Congestion ~ Breath Easy with all natural Essential oils

I first published this article in Sept. of 2013 when I was still a "newbie" to the EO world and today I would like to say I still stand in awe of the absolute power of essential oils. I continually find myself reaching for more in my everyday life instead of the little OTC bottles of (you name it)! The last couple of days I have found myself getting a sore throat and congestion in my head & that tight feeling in my lung. I have been using my arsenal of essential oils to ward of all the ICK I have been around!  I reached for my tried and true combination of oils tonight to give my "flu" spray an extra boost  by using these oils in my diffuser and WOW I can breath easy!!!

This is really easy and I noticed a difference within just a few minutes!

If you do not have a essential oil diffuser you can mix this up and put it in a pan of water and a low heat - (just enough to get it to steam, but not boil) so you can breath in the steam. You can also put it on a cotton ball and keep in a baggie near you to take and breath in occasionally or place it under your bed or on the night stand. I really love my diffuser as it is much more efficient in the dispersing of the essential oils. If you do not know what a diffuser is or does (I wonder how I ever lived without one!) Here is a picture of what I have and I love it so much I have bought one for most of my family members as gifts!!
 It takes the essential oils and through ultrasonic waves turns them into a very fine mist, almost in a gas state that allows the particles to stay suspended in air for hours. This not only purifies the air in your home but it also allows you to absorb the oils over a long period of time and get the full benefit of them.

Here is the Oils: Please only use Therapeutic grade Essential oils - 100% pure!

Breath Easy Chest Congestion Aromatherapy

1 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential oil 
3 drops Tea Tree Oil
2 drops Lemon Essential oil

I put these into my diffuser with the water filled to the line - about 1/3 cup and on high setting this will go for about 4 hours. I turned it on and relief was felt within just a few minutes. I breathed in the steam directly just one time and have left the diffuser running to saturate my air. This worked so well that I also took a batch of this over to my granddaughter who has had a cough and the other one who was complaining of getting a sore throat this morning so they could sleep easy tonight :)

Look at the "some" of the properties & common uses of these oils:

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil - Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Kills Mold, Respiratory infections, warming and soothing. * Please note this is a very HOT oil, it cannot be applied to the skin without being diluted in a carrier oil. 

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) - Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, kills resistant strains of bacteria (pneumonia) and staph infections including MRSA, Sore throats, Disinfectant, cold sores, boils, wounds, skin issues. * I use a couple of drops of it in my homemade toothpaste as well :)

Lemon Essential Oil - Cleansing, Disinfectant, anxiety, depression, heartburn, stress.

** If you have a bad cold or cough you might consider reading up on the benefits of using essential oils. Other oils that are known to help with respiratory issues / sinus congestion are:

Clary Sage (respiratory infections), Peppermint (allergies & sinus), Rosemary (flu & sinus), Eucalyptus (Respiratory Issues) and Thyme (Respiratory issues)
I would not use all of these at once but adding any "one" of these for a little extra help for a really bad cough or cold would help.
Another suggestion I have from personal experience is quit using store bought chemicals. My allergies and constant ear & sinus infections have stopped since I started making my own cleaners and use essential oils. I know it is hard to imagine, but honestly I have not had NOT ONE - and I use to HAVE to take antibiotics 2-3 times a year. There is a lot to be said about inhaled allergies and triggers that you NEVER thought was the problem. :)  Hope you all enjoy your night and if you are unfortunate enough to have a end of summer cold, may this give you the relief you were looking for!

** This is not intended to be medical advice. As always please consult your health care provider with any questions. If you are pregnant or nursing or have other health issues please seek medical advice before using any essential oil as they are very concentrated and should not be used without knowledge or supervision. Some essential oils are not to be used by people who are epileptic or with other serious health issues. Your best medical advice can only be given by your health care provider and your research.

If you are just starting out on your journey with essential oils or thinking about it, there is a great book that another blogger friend directed me to it is called "Modern Essentials"

 I got mine on Amazon and it is simply amazing, so easy to read, with references and quick how to charts. It truly is the best money I have spent outside of my oil collection :)

       Yes - this is a lazy susan full of essential oils - Have I told you how much I love them?!

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