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Welcome to my Sustainable addiction! I am a DIY addict, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  I enjoy sharing my all natural recipes, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene items, gardening and all things sustainable including my farming.  
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Homemade NO Shampoo Sleek & Shine #1

I just love making things, especially things that my family can use, that are cost effective, better for our health and environment and that gives us better results for less money. I have tried many variations to "Homemade Shampoo" and have tweaked many of the recipes that I have found. Below is one that I am making for me and my granddaughters. We have been blessed with golden /lite brown hair that is "normal". If your hair has a tendency to be oily you may want to decrease the olive oil by 1/2. That being said, olive oil rinses really well out of your hair and makes your highlights POP out :)

This is a really cost effective recipe and can be mixed up to match your hair color and type. If you have darker hair you could leave out the lemon juice, which is a natural lightener. Replace it with a rosemary or green tea. You also can experiment with the essential oils that you use for the aroma and healing properties of each. In this particular one I used the Rose Oil. I have also used Tea tree, rosemary, peppermint and lavender. That is the great thing about making it yourself, you can customize each batch. The cost is minimal per batch, I have not added it up but I guess it to be about .39 for 22 oz.!!  Yes that is a change we can all live with! :)

No Shampoo - Sleek and Shine

1 Cup coconut milk * see instructions for making
2 Tsp. Extra Virgin Olive oil 
1 Cup Water
4 TBS. Baking Soda 

1/3 cup lemon juice
5 drops Rose essential oils
Large mixing bowl
Re purposed shampoo bottles

*To make the coconut milk take 1/3 cup of shredded coconut, put into blender with 1 cup HOT water. Mix on high for about 30 seconds. Take out and strain into a quart jar. Put the strained coconut back into the blender and add another 1 cup of hot water, repeat process 2 more times. When finished you will have 1 cup for the recipe and almost a quart to store in your refrigerator to use with your next batches. You can also use this in your hand and face soap.

Take the warm coconut milk and water, add into it the baking soda and cornstarch stirring well while both dissolve. Next add in the the olive oil and essential oils of your choosing. Add the vinegar and lemon juice in last, very slowly as it will fizz when mixed in because of the baking soda.
Let the mixture sit for about an hour or so until some of the bubbles have dispersed then put into your bottles and enjoy!

** If you want to have some shampoo / lather, in some of my batches, I have used my homemade bar soap (melted). You can also substitute a castille soap base, baby shampoo (click here for my shampoo recipe) or use your own homemade soap after it has been liquefied. It all depends on your preference. I suppose you could even use your store bought brands that you have on hand to stretch them out, making them more cost effective and better for your hair and health.

Do you want it to be even more cost effective and less work? How about try 8 oz of water and 2 TBS of baking soda,  mix it well, add some essential oils if you like and then put it in a squirt bottle! Done - cost .03 per 8 oz bottle and the cleaning is amazing!!! Shake before each use. Do not be fooled, just because it has no lather does not mean it is not cleaning your hair.