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Saturday, July 27, 2013

100% Wood Cleaner ~ Green, Frugal & FAST to make!

I just love walking into my house and basking in the glory of all the shiny wood! Unfortunately, that does not happen too often (I am almost embarrassed to admit that!!) Lucky for me I have a little helper on the weekends that LOVES to dust! The problem is that I never want the children to breath in all the fumes and over spray from the cleaners, not to mention getting that "stuff" on their little delicate hands. I was on the hunt for something that would replace the "pledge" which has gotten way to expensive, almost to the point I hated using it so it would last a long time lol ~ I know, it totally defeated the whole purpose of buying it!
As I was drinking my coffee one morning I came across a post from Jillee ~ you know the cleaning goddess at  onegoodthingbyjillee.com   She had mentioned that she had used some of her lemon essential oil to clean a wood table (I think it was a table) IT was early :0)
I thought about this and the way the pledge touts to have lemons in it, so I thought ~ why not use my lemon juice instead.... gotta save my oils for other things! A little while went by and I had kinda forgotten about the post, and then I came across another that was a mix of olive oil and lemon juice! I had not even considered the olive oil. It is super easy and it takes less than a minute to whip up a batch. The results are amazing, it smells wonderful AND it makes your hands OH SO SOFT!

Here is what you will need
3 oz. 100% Lemon Juice
3 oz. Water
3 oz. 100% Pure Olive Oil - I have the Extra Virgin on hand so that is what I used**
1 Spray bottle - I used one of my adjustable spray bottles I had on hand

Mix all ingredients in the spray bottle, shake well, spray and wipe off "BE AMAZED" 

** I have seen other variations of this using vegetable oil and I am not sure how good that would be to put on your wood long term. Have you ever noticed the build up that occurs on your pans when it gets baked on? The olive oil on the other hand is very moisturizing and rinses clean. That is just my personal opinion, if it works for you go for it! I do realize how pricey olive oil can be if you do not buy it in bulk and the veg. oil brands would be more cost effective :)
My cost breakdown is:
Olive oil 15.00 for 68 oz = .66 for 3 oz.
Lemon Juice 2.79 for 48 oz = .17 for 3 oz
Total cost for 9 oz batch  .83!  that is 1/4 of the price of pledge :)  I am in LOVE and my princess (aka little helper) was happy that she could help too! That is a change we can all live with!