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Monday, May 20, 2013

Essential Oils for A.D.D.

Do you or someone in your family have ADD or ADHD? I do and it is something that I have been blessed with for years. My son had it BAD when he was little. It was extremely hard for him to sit in a classroom and concentrate, no it was extremely hard for him to sit ANYWHERE! He loved to always be on the move!! I wish I had known about essential oils and the extreme healing power they have back then, but unfortunately I did not. We had to resort to prescription meds that have bad side effects. Until recently I had never even considered this until it became obvious that one of granddaughters was having a focus problem. 

I started reading up on what other parents were doing and the tremendous affect it was having in their lives, their child's school life and the positive feedback they were getting from the teachers as well. I came across a post from Jillee from onegoodthingbyjillee.com (love her site) Her nephew has ADHD and  her sister made a blend of oils that worked for him (after much research). I spent the next several weeks reading even more to learn about the oils, what there properties were, how they worked, what they addressed & the reasons that she used those particular oils.  This was an important step for me, because of the brand of oil she uses, I needed to find the equivalent in another brand.... the Dotterra oils in my opinion are just too expensive, especially for an experiment. Another thing was, her blend was formulated for ADHD and I needed only for the ADD, there are NO signs of the hyperactivity in this particular family member. I was hopeful, yet remained skeptical. The day came a couple of weeks ago, I finally made the "blend", a very weak blend by others "recipe" standards. I had her try it out on Saturday morning so we could observe her to see if it helped any, or if it would need to have more essential oils added to the carrier oil....  more reasonably I was expecting to have to set an appt. and talk about prescriptions (ughhh) I put the blend in a small roller glass bottle 1/3 oz and rolled it 1 pass by by her shoulder blades and rubbed it in. By late that afternoon, she came to me and asked if she could have some more, she said she could tell a huge difference!! I was amazed! There is one thing that I NEVER expected from her report of how it helped, and that was that it also stopped the pain in her back and hips (bad car accident a few years ago) as well as made it easier for her to focus!! Here is the recipe I used, it made a small batch which lasted almost 2 weeks. Needless to say I made a bigger batch for my 2nd time and filled up her roller by doubling the ingredients. I hope that you will consider using this as an alternative to the prescription meds. Do your own research, what works for your child may be more or less than what is working for us. I can say that homework the last 2 weeks has been a breeze! I even asked her teacher, without telling her what we had done if she noticed has any change in her ability to focus and she reported that she had noticed an improvement! Home Run!! As you do your own research you will notice a lot of the recipes are a lot more concentrated than mine. I opt to start small and increase if and when needed. Essential oils are very potent and need to be handled with care. I am by no means a doctor nor am I giving medical advice. I am just amazed that what the good LORD has blessed us with in his herbs for healing we have gotten away from over the centuries and now take man made chemicals made to imitate what is growing in the wild. Think about it... you take aspirin - it is made from willow bark, you buy baby lotion with lavender in it because of its calming / relaxing properties, you have an upset stomach ginger or peppermint to the rescue :)


 Essential Oil                   % by carrier oil   # of drops batch 1

CEDARWOOD                   6.17%                 10
LAVENDER                        6.17%                 10
FRANKINCENSE                4.32%                   7
VETIVER                          5.56%                   9
LEMON                            4.94%                   8
PEPPERMINT                    9.26%                 15
ROSEMARY                      8.02%                 13
ORANGE                          3.09%                   5
BLUE TANSY                    1.23%                   2
PATCHOULI                     1.23%                   2
OLIVE OIL                      50.00%                 81

                        Total  100.00%                162

I have since made a blend for ADHD and it has been reported that it works just like the adderall that was taken for years but WITHOUT all the nasty side affects, like the shakes, rapid heart beat, lack of appetite, not being able to sleep and headaches.  I will post that another time for you to reference, it is much like this recipe but it was made a little stronger, and a slight variation with more of oils that have relaxing properties. 

Here is a list of the properties that each of the oils have. Many of these oils have additional properties and are used for many things. Many are antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal etc. 

CEDARWOOD - helps brain syn energy and to rewrite old patterns, stimulates brain function
LAVENDER - calming, anxiety
FRANKINCENSE - brain healing, emotional and physical trauma - improved mental function, learning disabilities
VETIVER - concentration and calming, helps with depression
LEMON - mental energy and gives brain greater focus
PEPPERMINT - mental energy and gives brain greater focus
ROSEMARY - stimulates mental activity and concentration - increases long term memory
ORANGE  - Mood enhancer, Mental energy and brain focus
BLUE TANSY - antihistamine, anti inflammatory, muscle relaxer, anxiety from nervousness
PATCHOULI - Tension, Anxiety, skin and cell regeneration, anti fungal

Feel free to pass this on to others you may know that are looking for a natural way to help alleviate the symptoms of ADD. I would love to hear how it works for them. If you google "Essential oils for ADD ADHD" you will be amazed at how many people have been doing this for decades. MAN was I out of the loop! 
For those of you that I tagged, I in no WAY am saying that YOU need this, it is just so you can save it for future reference or share with others who may be struggling with not wanting to take chemicals. lol

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and in no way am I giving medical advice. I am just sharing an all natural alternative that we use that works. Please discuss all treatment plans with your Doctor or healthcare provider.